Paper: Direct And Underspecified Interpretations Of LFG F-Structures

ACL ID C96-1045
Title Direct And Underspecified Interpretations Of LFG F-Structures
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

We describe an approach to interpreting LFG f-structures (Kaplan & Bresnan, 1982) truth-conditionally as underspeci- fled quasi-logical forms. F-structures are either interpreted indirectly in terms of a homomorphic embedding into Quasi Logical Form (QLF) (Alshawi, 1992; Alshawi & Crouch, 1992; Cooper et al. , 1994a) representations or directly in terms of adapting QLF interpreta- tion clauses to f-structure representa- tions. We provide a reverse mapping from QLFs to f-structures and establish isomorphic subsets of the QLF and LFG formalism. A simple maI)ping which switches off QLF contextual resolution can be shown to be truth preserving with respect to an independently given se- mantics (Dalrymple et al. , 1995). We compare our proposal with approaches discussed in the literature.