Paper: Example-Based Machine Translation In The Pangloss System

ACL ID C96-1030
Title Example-Based Machine Translation In The Pangloss System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

The Pangloss Example-Based Machine Translation engine (I'anEI3MT) l is a translation system reql,iring essentially no knowledge of the structure of a lan- guage, merely a large parallel corpus of example sentences atn[ a bilingual dictio- nary. Input texts are segmented into se- quences of words occurring in the corpus, for which translations are determined by subsententia[ alignment of the sentence pairs containing those sequences. These partial translations are then combined with the results of other translation en gines to form the final translation pro- duced by the Pangloss system. In an internal evaluation, PanEBMT achieved 70.2% coverage of unrestricted Spanish news-wire text, despite a simplistic sub- sententia[ alignment algorithm, a subop ritual dictionary, and a corpus Dora a di...