Paper: Lexical Rules: What Are They?

ACL ID C96-1029
Title Lexical Rules: What Are They?
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Horizontal redundancy is inherent to lex- ica consisting of descriptions of fnlly formed objects. This causes an unwel- come expansion of the lexical database and increases parsing time. To eliminate it, direct relations between descriptions of fnlly formed objects are often defined. These are additional to the (Typed Mul- tiple) Inheritance Network which already structures the lexicon. Many implement- ations of horizontal relations, however, fail to generate lexieal entries on a needs- driven basis, so eliminate neither the problem of lexicon expansion nor that of inefficient parsing. Alternatively, we pro- pose that lexical entries are descriptions of objects open to contextnal specifica- tion of their properties on the basis of constraints defined within the type sys- tem. This guarante...