Paper: Cross-Serial Dependencies Are Not Hard To Process

ACL ID C96-1028
Title Cross-Serial Dependencies Are Not Hard To Process
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

Cross-serial dependencies in Dutdl and Swiss-German are the only known extra- context fi'ee natural language syntactic phenonmna. Psycholinguistie evidence suggests cross-serial orderings tend to be easier to process t, lmn nested cons[,ruc- |iions. We, argue thai; |;tie expressivity re- quirements of the corresponding formal languages do not actually entail |;hat pro- cessing reduplication languages require the worst-ease time complexity for lmi- guages of the same expressive class. We dist;inguish between context-free repre- sentability and contc, xt-free processing. We show that for any language with up to context fl'ee expressive power, pro- cessing cross-scriM dependencies can be accommodated without atfect;ing tmrsing complexil,y. This is relal,ed to other work on reduplication pheno...