Paper: Classifiers In Japanese-To-English Machine Translation

ACL ID C96-1023
Title Classifiers In Japanese-To-English Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This l)a.i)cr t)rot)oses ;m mmlysis of clas- sifters into ['our ma,jor l;yl)(;s: t0Nl'l', ME'I't(I(1, (III()UI' il,lld SPI,;(',IES, ])~lS(!(1 Oil prot)('xl;ies ()[ l)ol,, s(~ and 10,u - glish. Tlm nnalysis mak(!s tlossibl(~ a mfiform :m(l straightforward l;r(~atm(;nt of noun t)hras(',s h('.a(h;d t/y (:lassitio, r,~ in Jallmmse--1;()q~;nglish ma(:hin(~ trnnsla.- lion, mM has b(',el~ iinph'm('att,(',d in t,he MT sysl;(',m ALT-J/E. Alth(lugh the analysis is bas('.d (m l;tm (;}mra(;l;eri,qt;it;s of, and diff(;r(m(:(~s b(',tw(~en, Ja.l)anes(~ and English, it is shown to 1)e also at)- t)li(:al/l(~ to tim mn(~lated languag(~ Thai.