Paper: Arabic Finite-State Morphological Analysis And Generation

ACL ID C96-1017
Title Arabic Finite-State Morphological Analysis And Generation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

This paper describes a large-scale sys- tem that performs morphological anal- ysis and generation of on-line Arabic words represented in the standard or- thography, whether fully voweled, par- tially voweled or unw)weled. Analyses display the root, pattern and all other affixes together with feature tags in- dicating part of speech, person, num- ber, mood, voice, aspect, etc. The system is based on lexicons and rules from an earlier KIMMO-style two-level morphological system, reworked exten- sively using Xerox Finite-State Morphol- ogy tools. The result is an Arabic Finite- State Lexical Transducer that is applied with the same runtime code used for English, French, German, Spanish, Por- tuguese, Dutch and Italian lexical tran~ ducers.