Paper: Extracting Nested Collocations

ACL ID C96-1009
Title Extracting Nested Collocations
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

'l?his paper 1)rovidcs an at)l)roa(:h to tim semi-aul;onmtic exl;i'action of (:olloca- IJons flom eorl)ora using sl;atisti(:s. The growing availability of lm'ge textual cor- t)ora, and the in(:reasing number of ap- plications of colloeal;ion extra(:tion, has given risc~ 1;o wu.ious apt)roaches on the I;opi(:. In l;his palter, we address the probl(;m of 'ne,stcd collocrd, ions; thai, is, those being l)art of longer colloc;ttions. Most approa(:hes till now, tl'(!al;ed sub- st;rings of collo(:at;ions as eollocal;ions, only if they apl)eared ffequenl;ly enough 1)y l;hemselves in the cor[)llS. 'Fhese tech- niques le['l; ~r lot; of collocations mmx- l;ra(:l;ed, in this 1)ai)er, we i)rol)oSe an al- goril;hln for a semi-aul;oma|;ic exl;ra(;l;ion of nesl;ed uninl;errupl;ed anti inl;errul)l;ed collo...