Paper: Computational Semantics Of Time/Negation Interaction

ACL ID C96-1007
Title Computational Semantics Of Time/Negation Interaction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996
  • Pascal Amsili (Institute of Research in Informatics Toulouse, Toulouse France; University of Toulouse 3, Toulouse France)
  • Nabil Hathout (CNRS, France; INaLF, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy France)

The pm'l)OSC of l;his papc, r is to study the interaction of l;iIn(; and m'~gation in nat;- ural la.nSm~gc, from a, synt;ax/,qemanl;ics interfac(; point of view. This requires the definition of linguistically grounded semanl;ic and synl;acl;i(: r(;1)res(ml;al;ions. This is what we prest;lfl; hi this tmlmr; we show how t;he |,wo rel)restml;;~tions wc t)rol)oS( ' lit; l;ogel;her in a. comput;ationaJly s;I,t;is(ying (:onsl;rut;l;ion l)rocedure.