Paper: Learning Dependencies Between Case Frame Slots

ACL ID C96-1004
Title Learning Dependencies Between Case Frame Slots
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

We address the problem of automati- cally acquiring case frame patterns (se- lectional patterns) from large corpus data. In particular, we l)ropose a method of learning dependencies between case frame slots. We view the problem of learning case frame patterns as that of learning a multi-dimensional discrete joint distribution, where random vari- ables represent case slots. We then for- mMize the dependencies between case slots as the probabilislic dependencies between these random variables. Since the number of parameters in a multi- dimensional joint distribution is expo- nential in general, it is infeasible to ac- curately estimate them in practice. To overcome this difficulty, we settle with approximating the target joint distribu- tion by the product of low order com- ponent distributi...