Paper: A Theory Of Lexical Access In Speech Production

ACL ID C96-1002
Title A Theory Of Lexical Access In Speech Production
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1996

The generation of words in speech involves a number of processing stages. There is, first, a stage of conceptual preparation; this is followed by stages of lexical selection, phonological encoding, phonetic encoding and articulation. In addition, the speaker monitors the output and, if necessary, self- corrects. Major parts of the theory have been computer modelled. The paper concentrates on experimental reaction time evidence in support of the theory. Central to the skill of speaking is our ability to select words that appropriately express our intentions, to retrieve their syntactic and phonological properties and to compute the ultimate articulatory shape of these words in the context of the utterance as a whole (2). In the multi-stage theory of word production (3) the first stage, conc...