Paper: NL Understanding With A Grammar Of Constructions

ACL ID C94-2212
Title NL Understanding With A Grammar Of Constructions
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

We present an approach to natural language under- standing based on a computable grammar of con- st~ctions. A construetionconsists of a set of features of form and a description of meaning in a context. A grammar is a set of constructions. This kind of gram- mar is the key element of MINCAL, an implemented natural language speech-enabled interface to an on- line calendar system. Tile architecture has two key aspects: (a) the use of constructions, integrating descriptions of form, meaning an(t context into one whole; and (b) the separation of domain knowledge (about calendars) from application kno'wledgt; (about the particular on-line calendar).