Paper: Humor-Based Applications

ACL ID C94-2208
Title Humor-Based Applications
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

There are only a few moq)hologically open word classes in the languages we have studied Paradigms that are difficult to classify are generally closed; no new words of the language follow their morphographemic patterns. The behavior of existing, productive paradigms is rather easy to describe algorithmically. rithmically. The coding subsystem of Slocum (1988) is represented by the so-called paradigm matrix of Humor systems. It is defined Ibr every possible allomorph: it gives infornmtion about the potential behavior of the stem allomotph before moqJhologically relevant affix families. COMI'ARISON WITII ()'FilER METIIOI)S There are only a few general, reversible morphological systems that can be used for more than a single language. Besides the well-known two-level morphology (Koskenniemi 19...