Paper: Lexical Functions And Machine Translation

ACL ID C94-2202
Title Lexical Functions And Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

away fl'om the particular realisation of a collocate in a particular language. We now state the relation between the semantic rep- resentations of the source language and target language. The semantic relation between the phrase heavy smoker and its French counterpart can be made explicit in the tbllowing bilingual sign: ENISEM-IND [ VAR ~ ] RUST { smoker(~l-b,Magn([~)} FRISEM_INI) [ VAR [~ 1 REST {f. ,,,~arI[-~ M.~/~I)} J Typically, the lexicon will contain a bilingual sign for each possible value of RELN. Thus, for translat- ing heavy smoker into grandfumeur we will need the obvious entry tot smoker-fumeur plus the entry below: ENISEM-IND [ VAR [~ ] REST {M'lgn(~)} The interlingual status of the lexical function is self- evident. Any occurrence of Magn will be left intact during transfer...