Paper: Communicating With Multiple Agents

ACL ID C94-2194
Title Communicating With Multiple Agents
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Previous dialogue systems have focussed on dia. logues betwe(:n two agents. Many ~q)plications, however, require conversations between several l)articipants. This paper extends speech act deft- nitions to handle multi-agent conversations, based on a model of multi-agent belief attribution with some unique properties. Our approach has |,lie ad- vantage of capturing a lnnnlmr of interesting phe- nomena in a straightforward way. Motivation The rise of spoken language NI, P applications has le.d to increased in such issues as real time pro-- cessing and on-line error recovery. But dialogue is an inherently online process; this manifests in such linguis- tic phenomena as turntaking [Sacks et al. , 1974], repair [Schegtoff et el. , 1977], and content grounding [Chu:k and Schaefer, 1989...