Paper: Reverse Queries In DATR

ACL ID C94-2177
Title Reverse Queries In DATR
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

I)ATI is a declarative re.presentation language ti)r lex-. ical iifformation and as such, fit prin(:iple, neul;ral with resl)(;ct; 1;o i)arl;icul&r l)rocessing st,rat,egies. Previous DATR (:l)mt)iler/inl;erI)ret(!r sy,qt(!ms support only one al:l:e.4s,%rat,egy ~hnt, closely resembles the set, of inti~r-. otlce rllleS of the procedm:sd s(mumti(:s of ])A.Tli (Evmls & C,~tz(lar 1989a). In this i/al)er w(! present, an alt,ern;> 1;ivc access st,r~tl;egy ('ri:'uc'l'.s('. q'ucr!/.stral, cgy ) ~br a him- trivial subsel; of I)A'F]/. 1 The Reverse Query Problem DATR (Evans & Gazdm" 1989@ has l)ecome. Olte of the iiiosl; widely used fornlatl languages tin' the I'(~l)t'ese.tll;;t- t,ion of lexicad infornlat,ion. !)N['ll ~q)plil:ations been (h~velol)ed for a wide variety of lmlguages (includ- ing...