Paper: Towards A More User-Friendly Correction

ACL ID C94-2176
Title Towards A More User-Friendly Correction
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

We first present our view of detection and correction of syntactic errors. We then introdnce a new correction method, based on heuristic criteria used to decide which correction should be preferred. Weighting of these criteria leads to a flexible and parametrable system, which can adapt itself to the user. A partitioning of the trees based on linguistic criteria: agreement rules, rather than computational criteria is then necessary. We end by proposing extensions to lexical correction and to some syntactic errors. Our aim is an adaptable and user-friendly system capable of automatic correction for some applications. RI~SUMI~ Nous prdsentons d'abord notre position par rapport h la dttection et '2t la correction des erreurs syntaxiques. Nous introduisons ensuite une nouvelle mtthode de corre...