Paper: A Grammar And A Parser For Spontaneous Speech

ACL ID C94-2164
Title A Grammar And A Parser For Spontaneous Speech
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

This paper classifies distinctive phenomena occur- ring in Japanese spontaneous speech, and proposes a grammar and processing techniques for handling them. Parsers using a grammar for written sentences cannot deal with spontaneous speech because in spon- taneous speech there are phenomena that do not occur in written sentences. A grammar based on analysis of transcripts of dialogues was therefore developed. It has two distinctive features: it uses short units as input units instead of using sentences in grammars for written sentences, and it covers utterances includ- ing phrases peculiar to spontaneous speech. Since the grammar is an augmentation of a grammar for writ- ten sentences, it can also be used to analyze complex utterances. Incorporating the grammar into the dis- tributed natural...