Paper: CHATR: A Generic Speech Synthesis System

ACL ID C94-2158
Title CHATR: A Generic Speech Synthesis System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

it can accept linguistic descriptiolis of ut teranees h'om whieh it can generate prosodic phra sing and intonations.1 tnne through a rHle driven process (described in [3]). Alterna.tiw'.ly, inpnt may explicitly include prosodic phrasing and intona.tio nal t~a.l, ures specifying tunic. This second level al- lows much more explicit control over phrasing and intonation. A third level allows even more degree, el control specifying individnal phonemes, dnrations and F0 target values (or a slightly higher symbolic description of F0). At the lowest level, wave['orms themselves can be specified allowing CHATI to Re- nerate any a.rl)itrary sound. These diffe~ring levels of input a.llow a user of (',llAq'l to specify the form of an utterance in as much detail as is desired. Multiple levels of inl)ut...