Paper: Focus On Only And Not

ACL ID C94-2142
Title Focus On Only And Not
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

on and Focus The g,~mera.I aim of ISis l)a.l~er is to show h()w t,o use locus I;o decotnpose the ii~l, erpreL:.~t, ioJl of a. phra, se iul;o two) pa..rl, s, where, oue pa, rt is I, he iit- tez'prel;.:d, ion,.ff I, he ['o,::t+ssed item a,n(l the or;her is sotn,:; o1:,],::,,::1; with which this ca.n comlJine. Sup-- pose, ['or>le, we t.h(+ughl, l.ha, t; the VP ./. , a pea.oh shoutd Im iul:;rF, reted ~ts: A47v(.+;,,,z(Y) A z:,a,.(Y, (:.~) Ap,":,s/(Y) A affe?zl.(Y, +4) AJX(v,~. ,,/,( X ) n .b.#:::l(Y, x))) In other words, this VP is au M>str~tction over (Welll, S whel'() SOlllel)of[y,Fbl, e a [)ea,(;h. :l'hen we w,mhl w~-/,tl [ the two objed, s corresponding to 1,he in terpl'eLal, iolt o[ a/,c a l)Cac/z to be somet h ing ]ike: AZi:ach (Z) l'l'h(! Lcrl[l loO(',US h~l,,'4 b(!(!ii used J:tt...