Paper: Free-Ordered CUG On Chemical Abstract Machine

ACL ID C94-2140
Title Free-Ordered CUG On Chemical Abstract Machine
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Mzmhine Sa~oshi Tojo Mitsubishi lese~rch Institute, Inc. (e-ma,i]) Abstract We propose A parAdigm for concurrent n;~tura[ lAnguAge generation. In order to represent gram- mar rules distributively, we adopt categorial unifi- cAtion grammar (CUG) Where eaclh category owns its functional type. We mlgment typed IAmbda cah:ulus with severM new combim~tors, to m~ke the o:rder of,~-conversions free :for partial / locM processing. The concurrent calculus is modeled with Ch, emical Abstract Machine. We show An ex- Ample of A JapAnese causative auxiliary verb that requires A drAstic reArrAngement of case dolninA- tio:n.