Paper: Hypothesis Selection In Grammar Acquisition

ACL ID C94-2134
Title Hypothesis Selection In Grammar Acquisition
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

This pat)er t)resents some techniques for selecting linguistically adequate hypol;heses of new gram- mat.foal knowledge to be used as resources of gralmnatical knowledge acquisition. In our frame- work of liuguistic knowledge acquisition, a rule- based hypothesis generator is inw)ked in case of parsing failures and all the possible hypotheses of Llew graliLlnar rules or lexical entries are gener- ated ffOln partial parsing results. Although each hypothesis could recover the (lef>cl, s of the exist- ing grammar, the greater part of hypotheses are linguistically unnatural. The techniques we pro- pose here prevent such unnatural hypotheses Dont being gene,'ated without discarding plausible ones and make the following corpus-based acquisition l)rocess In(ire ellieien(, and more reliable.