Paper: Multi-Modal Definite Clause Grammar

ACL ID C94-2133
Title Multi-Modal Definite Clause Grammar
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

This paper describes the first reported gram- matical framework for a nmltimodal inter- face. Although multimodal interfaces offer the promise of a flexible and user fl'iendly means of human-coml)uter interaction, no study has yet appeared on formal granunatical f'l'ame- works for theln. We have developed Multi- Modal Definite Clause Ch'ammar (MM-I)CG), an extension of Definite Clause Gramumr. The major features of MM-I)CG inch, de eal)ability to handle an arbitrary mlmber of modes and temporal information in grammar rules, l:ur- ther, we have developed MM-DCG translator to transfer rules in MM-DCG into Prolog pred- icates.