Paper: The Nature Of Near-Synonymic Relations

ACL ID C94-2109
Title The Nature Of Near-Synonymic Relations
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Pejoratlve/favorable: That suit mMves you look {skinny[ slim}. Forceful/weak: The building was completely {destroyed l ruined} by the bomb. Table 1: Examples of features that dictionary usage notes adduce in word differentiation (adapted fl:om [l)iMarco and Hirst 1993]). Relation comparison. The primary property is relation comparison: pairs of near-synonynts can be COlnpared and judged as more, or less, similar to each other than others. For example, there is something similar in the relationship between stingy/frugal and between j'at/plump. In each case, the first word (stingy, fat) is pejorative while the second (frugal, plump) has a nuance of being admirable or attractive. This relationship would not be maintained if, for example, we replaced fat/plump by rotund/plump. Relation express...