Paper: Semantics Of Complex Sentences In Japanese

ACL ID C94-2107
Title Semantics Of Complex Sentences In Japanese
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

The import;rod; lta,rt of s(;mantics of Coluplcx men tenet is cq)Lurcd as relations ¢Ll[l(}llg S(}III~LIII;JC l'ol}s in suborlinat(; attd main (:lausc reSltcctively, llow- ever if thor; can b(; relations between every l}a.i]' c}f semmlt;ic roles, th0 ;I,lllOllllt, Of (:onlltutation I.o idet> tit'y the relatiions l;}iai, hohl hi the given senl;eiic~ is oxta!cmely lal'gc, hi this I)a,l)er, for scnianl;i-.q of Japa, ncsc c.olnpicx S0Ali,Oli(;Q We inl, l'ohice liOW l)l'l:tg~.- n];tl,i; roles <:all,,d ()b,7(JrlJ~r ~ui(I molivaled rcspc> tiv(;ly 1>o bridge s(;[lti,[l;ic ]'(}l(:ts of subordinal.c and those of main cimises. I~y these new roles COliSi;r<-%ill,s on the relations among s(;iilal]{,ic/l)ra,g?~n~d;i(: rol;s arc knowrl I,o bc aJlYlosl, local within subordinai,(~ or lily,ill {;l~iuso. ]]...