Paper: MULTEXT: Multilingual Text Tools And Corpora

ACL ID C94-1097
Title MULTEXT: Multilingual Text Tools And Corpora
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

MULTEXT (Multilingual Text "Fools and Corpora) is the largest project funded in the Commission of European Communities Linguistic Research and Engineering Program. The project will contribute to the development of generally usable software tools to manipulate and analyse text corpora and to create multi- lingual text corpora with structural and linguistic markup. It will attempt to establish conventions for the encoding of such corpora, building on and contributing to the preliminary recommendations of the relevant international and European standardization initiatives. MULTEXT will also work towards establishing a set of guidelines for text software development, which will be widely published in order to enable future development by others. All tools and data developed within the project...