Paper: INTEX: A Corpus Processing System

ACL ID C94-1095
Title INTEX: A Corpus Processing System
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

INTEX is a text processor; it is usually used to parse corpora of several megabytes. It includes several built-in large coverage dictionaries and grammars represented by graphs; the user inay add his/her own dictionaries and gramnlars. These tools am applied to texts in order to locate lexical and syntactic patterns, remove ambigu- ities, and tag words. INTEX builds collcordances and indexes of all types of patterns; it is used by linguists to analyse corpora, but can also be viewed as an information feb'lewd system. INTROI)UCTION INTEX automatically identities words and mor- pho-syntactic patterns in large texts. By using INTEX, one can:.... build the dictionary of lhe words of the texts; words may be simple words (sequences of letters, e.g. table), compounds (sequences of simple words wh...