Paper: Reversible Resolution With An Application To Paraphrasing

ACL ID C94-1090
Title Reversible Resolution With An Application To Paraphrasing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

form. Resolving this means insUmtiating the meta-variables _q and _r, and a possible resolution might be to exi s t s and a 1. i c e respectively. We can see how the category limits the selection of the quantilier and the selection of the referent with respect to the restriction, that is - we r(xluim a single definite object in context for which the restriction holds. This suggests a dclinitiou of CAT as a series of rules defining how the uninslautiated arguments ac formed and how values Call be found with respect to the context, for example CAT(C, I, R, < Ent, exists >, Ctxt) single~objcct_matching_rcstriction(Ent, R, Ctxt) Conscquently, infizrence can be used to, in this exmnple, find some value of Ent wlfich holds for R in Ctxt. 3.1 Contextual Entailment of Resolution The preeess of res...