Paper: Referring To World Objects With Text And Pictures

ACL ID C94-1086
Title Referring To World Objects With Text And Pictures
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

It oftcn makes sense to employ both text and pictures wheu referring to world objects. In this pa- per, we present a model for referring which is based on the assumption that concepts may be activated not only by Icxt, but also by pictures and tcxt-pieturc combiniltious. By means of a case study, we demouslrale that l'ailure aml suc- cess of referring acts can be cxplalncd by thc user's ability to infer ccrtaiu links between mental representations and object descriptions. Finally, we show how the model has been incorporated into a plan-t)ased multimedia prcseata- tion system by defiaiug operators lk)r concept activation.