Paper: Syntactic-Head-Driven Generation

ACL ID C94-1078
Title Syntactic-Head-Driven Generation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

The previously proposed semanlic-head-driw'.n Ken - eration methods run into problems if none of the daughter eonstituents in the syntact.o-semantic rule schemata of a grammar fits the definition of a semantic head given in [Shieber et al. , 1990]. This is the case for the semantic analysis rnles of certain constraint- based semantic representations, e.g. Underspecified Discourse R,epresentation Structures (UI)RSs) [l!'rank and R.eyle, 1992]. Since head-driven generation in general has its me> its, we simply return to a syntactic definition of qmad' and demonstrate the feasibility of synlaclic- head-clriveu generation. In addition to its generality, a syntactic-head-driven algorithm provides a basis for a logically well-defined treatment of the nmvement of (syntactic) heads, for which only...