Paper: A Not-So-Shallow Parser For Collocational Analysis

ACL ID C94-1074
Title A Not-So-Shallow Parser For Collocational Analysis
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Collocational analysis is the basis of many studies on lexical acquisition. Collocations are extracted from corpora using more or less shallow processing techniques, that span from purely statistical methods to partial parsers. Our point is that, despite one of tile objectives of collocational analysis is to acquire high-coverage lexical data at low human cost, this is often not the case. Human work is in fact required for the initial training of most statistically based methods. A more serious problem is that shallow processing techniques produce a noise that is not acceptable for a fully automated system. We propose in this paper a not-so-shallow parsing strategy that reliably detects binary and ternary relations among words. We show that adding more syntactic knowledge to the. recipe s...