Paper: An Efficient Parser Generator For Natural Language

ACL ID C94-1068
Title An Efficient Parser Generator For Natural Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

We. have developed a parser generator for natu- ral language i)rocessing. The generator named "NLyace" accepts grammar rules written in the Yacc format. NLyacc, unlike Yacc, can handle arbitrary context-free grammars using the gen- eralized Lll. parsing Mgorithm. The parser pro- duced by NLyacc elliciently parses given sen- tences and executes semantic actions. NLyacc, which is a free and sharable software, runs on UNIX workstations and personal computers. 1 Parser Generator for NLP Yacc[4] was designed for unambiguous progl'anl- ming languages. Thus, Yacc cat) not elegantly handle a script language with a natural lan- guage flavor, i.e. Yacc forces a grammar writer to use tricks for handling ambiguities. To rem- edy this situation we have developed Nl,yacc which can handle arbitrary conte...