Paper: Default Handling In Incremental Generation

ACL ID C94-1058
Title Default Handling In Incremental Generation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Natural language generation must work with insufficient input. Underspecifications can be caused by shortcomings of the component providing the input or by the prelhninary stal.e of incrementally given input. The paper Mms to escape from such dead-end situations by making ~ussumptions. We discuss global aspects of de- fault handling. Two i~roblem classes for defaults in the incrementM syntactic gener;ttor VM-GEN are presented to substantiate our discussion. 1 MOTIVATION Natural Language Generation, i.e., the pro- cess of building an adequate utterance for some given content, is by nature a decision making problem (Appelt, 1985). Interna.1 de- cisions are made on the basis of the specified input. Unfortunately, input information can be insufficient in two respects: • If the input structur...