Paper: Comlex Syntax: Building A Computational Lexicon

ACL ID C94-1042
Title Comlex Syntax: Building A Computational Lexicon
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

We des((tile tile design of Comlex Syntax, a co,nputa- tional lexicon providing detailed syntactic iuformation ff)r approximately 38,000 English headwords. We con- sider the types of errors which arise in creating such a lexicon, and how such errors can be measured and controlled. 1 Goal The goal of the (:omlex Syntax project is to create a moderately-broad-coverage lexicon recording the syn- tactic features of gnglist; words for purposes of cou> putational language analysis. This dictionary is be- ing developed at New York University and is to he distributed by the Linguistic Data Consortimn, to be freely usable for both research and commercial pur- poses by members of the Consortium. In order to ineet the needs of a wide range of an~> lyzers, we have inchlded a rich set of syntactic feat...