Paper: KASSYS: A Definition Acquisition System In Natural Language

ACL ID C94-1041
Title KASSYS: A Definition Acquisition System In Natural Language
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

This paper is an introdnction to KASSYS, a system that has been designed to extract information from detining statements in natural language. Only hy- peronymous detinitions are dealt with here, for which systematic processing has been devised and itnl)lenmnted in tlte initial version of the system. The paper describes how KASSYS buiMs a taxinomie hierarchy by extracting the hyperonyms from these definitions. It also explains the way in which the system can answer closed questions (yes/no), thus enabling the user to check very quickly that a definition has been assimilated correctly. The under- lying forrnalism is that of conceptual graphs, with which the reader is assumed to be familiar. Keywords: Conceptual graphs, hyperm~ymous defini- tion, knowledge acquisition, question (yes/no).