Paper: Adjuncts And The Processing Of Lexical Rules

ACL ID C94-1039
Title Adjuncts And The Processing Of Lexical Rules
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

The standard HPSG analysis of Germanic verb clusters can not explain the observed narrow- scope readings of adjuncts in such verb clus- ters. We present an extension of the HPSG analy- sis that accounts for the systematic ambiguity of the scope of adjuncts in verb cluster con- structions, by treating adjuncts as members of the sul)eat list. The extension uses power- Nl reeursive lexical rules, implemented as com- plex constraints. We show how 'delayed eval- uation' teehMques from constrMnt-loglc pro- gramming can be used to process such lexical rules. 1 Problem Description 1.1 Dutch Verb Clusters Consider the following Dutch subordinate sen- tences. (1) dat Arie wil slapen that Arie wants to-sleep (2) dat Arie Bob wil slaan that Arie Bob wants to-hit that Arie wants to hit l/ot) (3) * (lat...