Paper: The Rumors System Of Russian Synthesis

ACL ID C94-1028
Title The Rumors System Of Russian Synthesis
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

The RUMORS synthesizer of Russian is a,~ integral part of the JM~AP experimental system of, Russian antom.t~tic translation, although it cn,n also h~ve other ~ppliczrtions. Morphologically, it is based, primtrrily, on A.A.ZMizny~k's model of Russi~t. in- flexion. Syntactical functions of RUMORS rely on word-order ~nd dependency d~t~ as input informa- tion. The synthesizer is implemented on IBM PC, MS DOS, in Turbo Pascal. 1 General information The RUMORS system of RUssian MORphologicul and Syntactical synthesis has been developed as part of the JaRAP experimental system of Jt~p~nese- Russian antoma~tic tra~sl~tion, described in (Mod- ina,Shaly~pin~,1994). Its operation is, however, com- pletely independent of the other components of the Jatl2kP system, so that RUMORS could be us...