Paper: Treating 'Free Word Order' In Machine Translation

ACL ID C94-1008
Title Treating 'Free Word Order' In Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

In free word order languages, every s('.ni;cn(:(~ is cml)eddcd in its specific contexL The order of consl;ituenLs is d('tcrmincd l)y the categories theme, theme and contrastive J'oc'us. This pa- per shows [low to recognisc mid to transhti,e these cat;egorles autom;~t;ically on ;~ serH,e.n- tial basis, so that SCilI;ClIC('. ('ml)edding; can I)c' achieved wit;houL having i;o tel'e,' 1,o l,h(', co,> t;cxt. Tradition,dly neglected moditier ch~sses are fully covered by the proposc'd mc'Lhod.