Paper: Interpreting Compounds For Machine Translation

ACL ID C94-1004
Title Interpreting Compounds For Machine Translation
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

, 'concrete', 'potential location' etc. On this basis, the inter- prctation procedure tried to match the semantic specification of the affix or of the noun and associate the morphcmaiic entries attached to the verb stem with the most probable elements of 46 the stem's semantic valency. The program dis- tinguished correctly between coml+ounds like grammatikliimre (teacher of gl'itllllllal') and toli- vetwitetslih'are (university teacher), as shown in the following outprint. :- analym([grammatikl;,iraml) m(Idomain(grammar), head ( m (I agen t(su ff), head(teach) l))l) category: n agr(sg, re, indel +) constituents [grammatik, 1;,irate, []fir, :tre tl :- analyse([universitetsl;,irarel) m([ place(university), head(m([agent(suff), head(teach)]))l) category: n agr(sg, re, indef) constituents [uni...