Paper: Semantic Dictionary Viewed As A Lexical Database

ACL ID C92-4210
Title Semantic Dictionary Viewed As A Lexical Database
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

In this paper an expert system is described which is ealle(l Lexicographer and which aims at supplying the user with diverse informa- tion about lhlssian words, including biblio- graphic information concerning individual lex.. ieM items. It is SUl)posed that tim system may be of use for a practical contputationa| linguist,iLnd at the same time will serw~ as nn instru- ment of linguistic research. the user with diverse inform~tion about t/.m; slan words, of. [2]. The system is conceived ;~s an aid both in the area of natural language t)ro(:essing and in the traditi(mal lexicogr~qflly. The system consists o[ two I)asi(: colnpollellts: ],cxi(:on (containing ~'~ome 13.000 most corn[non words); - l|ibliograt)hical (1;md)ase. It is tim l,exicon that is of prim;~ry c<)ncern in this l~al)cr. Lexie...