Paper: Reconstructing Spatial Image From Natural Language Texts

ACL ID C92-4207
Title Reconstructing Spatial Image From Natural Language Texts
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

This 1)al)(,r drs('ribrs tit(' un(h,rstanding l)ro('('ss of the spatial descriptions in,lal)anese. In order to under- statt(I tlw described worhl, tit(' a, it|hors 113" to r('('Oll- stru('t tit(' gc(nm,tric model of tit(' gh)bal s('en(' frmn tlw scenic descriptions drawing a spaco. It is done by an experimental ('Omlmter itrogranl SPR INT. whiclt lakes natural language texts att,l l)roduces it nmdel of the described win'hi. To reconstruct the modvl, the altthors extract the qualitative ~patial constraints front the text, and represent Ihellt ;IS tlw nunierical constraints on the spatial attributes of the entities, This makes it lmssibh' to eXln'ess the vaguent,ss of tit(, spatial concepts attd to derive the ntaxinlally plausi- ble interl)retation froltl it ('hllnk of illforltl&tloil ;t('('...