Paper: Event Relations At The Phonetics/Phonology Interface

ACL ID C92-4205
Title Event Relations At The Phonetics/Phonology Interface
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

d from this set of tuples. It is not the temporally annotated events themselves which are interesting for the phonological parser but the temporal relations which exist between these events (cf. section 2.3). 2.2. Event Mapping lu the speech recognition context there is a mapping of absolute phonetic eveuts to abstract tem- poral relations between events is described. The algorithm for the automatic construction of event relations has the following properties: Each event pair is tested only once; there is no explicit statement of reflexivity. The reflexivity and symmetry of overlap are uot reflected in the output, but can be inferred by Modus Poneos fi'om the axioms at the phonological level. Inclusion is a special case of overlap; thus, when an event is temporally included in another thes...