Paper: Indexation De Textes: L'apprentissage Des Concepts

ACL ID C92-4191
Title Indexation De Textes: L'apprentissage Des Concepts
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

hi technical fields, mmly documents go unread due to a lack of awareness of their existence. A system which indexes texts can find all relevant texts in response to a query. The problem is to establish the indexation. At present, adwmced full text systems automatically index texts on the complete thesaurus with computed weights. Another way of doing this carl be a person choosing the set of relevant concepts. This second solution is better but more costly and dependent on the classification choices made by the operator. To meet these problems, ANA (Auomatic Natural Acquisition) had been developed. This system automatically extracts relevant concepts from free texts to produce a semantic network. It does not rely on grammar or lexicon but, instead, is based on,an original statistical method...