Paper: EBL2: An Approach To Automatic Lexical Acquisition

ACL ID C92-4186
Title EBL2: An Approach To Automatic Lexical Acquisition
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

A method for automatic lexical acquisition is out lined. An existing lexicon that, in addition Io ordi- nary ]exical entries, contains prototypical cntrips for various non-exclusive paradigms of open-cl~,.ss words, is extended by inferring new lexical entries from texts containing unknown words. This is done by com- paring the constraints placed on the unknown words hy the natural language system's grammar with the prototypes and a number of hand-coded phras(, tem- plates specific for each paradigm. Once a sufficient number of observations of the word in different con- texts have been made, a lexical entry is constructed for the word by assigning it to one or sew~ral para- digm(s), Parsing sentences with ullknown words is nor- mally very time-consuming due to the large nmn- ber of grammati...