Paper: Les Experiences D'indexation A L'inist

ACL ID C92-3166
Title Les Experiences D'indexation A L'inist
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

We talk, in this paper, about the operation of indexation at INIST. We present two experiments carried out within the Department of Research and New Products that aim at the automation of indexation process. The first one comes within the scope of scientometric studies on text database. We have developped a software toolbox with which we can build a chain of treatments up to the generation of hyperdocuments. Therefore, indexation from a large corpus of source documents is the first module of that chain. In this part, we use linguistic and statistical methods to produce keywords from a stream of data. Linguitic heuristics are used to extract compound nouns or noun phrases from the text and combinational treatments determine the importance of each term according to the document. Keywords are...