Paper: Interactive Speech Understanding

ACL ID C92-3165
Title Interactive Speech Understanding
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

This paper introduces at robust interactive method for speech understatnding. The gener- atlized LR patrsing is enhanced ill this approach. Patrsing proceeds fl'om left to right correcting mi- nor errors. When at very noisy portion is detected, the patrser skips that portion using a.fake non- terminal symbol. The unidentified portion is re- solved by re-utterance of thatt portion which is parsed very efliciently by using the parse record of the first utterance. The user does not have to speak the whole sentence again. This method is also catpatble of hatndling unknown words, which is imlmrtatnt in pra.ctical systems. 1)erected un- known words earn I)e incrementatlly incorporatted into the dictionary after the interatction with tile user. A pilot system has shown great elfectiveness of this...