Paper: Generation Of Extended Bilingual Statistical Reports

ACL ID C92-3158
Title Generation Of Extended Bilingual Statistical Reports
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

LFs provide a way of delaying some idiosyncratic lexical realizations until after major syntactic choices have beeu made. They also allow us to formulate very general paraphrase rules. Our statistical reports, with their emphasis on numerical changes and comparisons of change, provide an excellent opportunity to use lexical flmctions, such as Magn ("intensifying" word), S O (action nominal) and Oper I (agent-oriented support verb). For example, sentence (6) can be calculated to be a paraphrase of (5): (5) Employment decreased sharply in October. (6) Employment showed a sharp decrease in October. A general paraphrase rule states that a verbal lexeme (here, decrease), can be paraphrased by a syntactic construction where the new verb (i.e. , show) is the value of Oper I operating on the nomin...