Paper: From Detection/Correction To Computer Aided Writing

ACL ID C92-3157
Title From Detection/Correction To Computer Aided Writing
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Most texts nowadays are produced in an electronic form by the use of systems which provide text processing facilities but also linguistic facilities such as spelling checkers, on-line lexicons and even syntactic checkers. We think that a computer-aided writing system must be designed as a complete environment for the production, maintenance, edition and communication of texts. This implies for example the use of an ideas manager and on-line lexicons for production, a text editor and linguistic verifiers for maintenance, a text processor for edition and a standardized form for communication. Following our work on detection and correction of errors, we propose an architecture of a system able to integrate in a uniform way our linguistic tools (morphological parsing and generation, lexical co...