Paper: Parsing And Case Analysis In TANKA

ACL ID C92-3156
Title Parsing And Case Analysis In TANKA
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

The TANKA project seeks to build a model of a technical domain by semi-automatically process- ing unedited English text that describes this do- main. Each sentence is parsed and conceptual elements are extracted from the parse. Concepts are derived from the Case structure of a sentence, and added to a conceptual network that rep- resents knowledge about the domain. The DIPETr parser has a particularly broad coverage of English syntax; its newest version can also process sentence fragments. The HAIKU subsys- tem is responsible for user-assisted semantic interpretation. It contains a Case Analyzer modu- le that extracts phrases marking concepts from the parse and uses its past processing experience to derive the most likely Case realizations of each with almost no a priori semantic know- led...