Paper: A Set-Theoretic Approach To Lexical Semantics

ACL ID C92-3151
Title A Set-Theoretic Approach To Lexical Semantics
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

a concept, the bigger its an'face. For e~ setq we ~ aerrea ~ earar'~ M(Q) and i~ a~ in com0adsm wi~ ~ ~fimia've r~ci, q3, with Ci as a iximiti~ wd considering a specifie tms~ f~a ~ gen~ ~o ~utar. supple v,e ~e Max r,(ci, cj) the nmimma ck~ of the graph wha~ver j might be. We know, flora experm~ that a~is rmximma a~a is attair~ in detafl~ entanerafiom of ~lrds whieh have very pmcise n',mings and de,igr~,xm~ thin~ ACRES DE COLING-92, NANTES. 23-28 AOt)r 1992 9 8 6 PROC. OV COLING-92. NANTES. AUG. 23-28, 1992 We define the ftmaim (Cj) to nxasme the dimme Izt~ma the om0~ Q and the ~ tl~ ~ 1,(~. Tre anface of a omcept is given by the fmnuh as fdkz~: S(C4D = A(C~ * M(CO wt-~ h specifies ll-le s~ies of ~'meetiom h for the cahllat~ of~ mrf~e of C~ Nqes: 1) Each ~amCel~ possesses h evaluations of i...