Paper: High-Probability Syntactic Links

ACL ID C92-3141
Title High-Probability Syntactic Links
Venue International Conference on Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

Sentences are chosen at raodom. Sentences with formulas, occasional abbreviations, and non-Cyrillic words are excluded. Words absent in the dictionaries (aboul 8% of all word occureuces in these texts) are replaced by "dummy" words that have syntactic properties most probable for the given category. At present, about 300 sentences have been processed. On the average, fraginr:nts produced by partial parsing include 3 4 words. It is not infrequent that they have 8 10 or store words, or present complete structures of sentences. On the other hand, a substantial parl of fragments are isolated homonyms. For instance, subordinate conjunctions remain isolated in most eases because, as a rule, their links wilh other words are not considered having high probability. ability. Frequently enough morpho...